Australia needs to grow

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Australian politicians are constantly moaning about “boat people” arriving uninvited in Australia.  Australia has a population of less than 23 million.  If this country wants to stay a first world country then it needs more people.  Britain has over 62 million people, America over 311 million, China well over a billion, Japan nearly 130 million,  Indonesia 237 million, Russia nearly 143 million, Nauru has 10,000.  South Korea has double Australia’s population.  Australia has less people than Thailand.

Australia cannot even start to compete.  As a country’s population grows so does the infrastructure.  The people who arrive, far from taking jobs as some people say, in the longer term actually provide more employment.  All the services grow in line with an increasing population.  The increased population increases the revenue going to the government, which in turn can then provide better health care, education – overall infrastructure – and the load is shared over more people.  Instead of 23 million people paying into the government coffers you could have say 100 million or 200 million paying into the government collecting bowl making this a vastly wealthier and stronger country.

Locking refugees and the non invited up is cruel and does a huge disservice to Australia.  Australia should be surging forward, not clinging to the past of a select few in this vast but empty land.  The skilled and future moguls are locked up or sent back.  Australia is being given gold and throwing it back.  It is absurd for this to be happening to what could one day be a powerful country instead of just a foil of Britain and America.

Britain and America have the population to provide goods for themselves, unlike Australia having to buy from larger populated countries like China, Thailand and South Korea.

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  1. I totally agree with you – everytime I hear someone mention ‘boat people’ I think oh no not again. What has happened to our sense of humanity, society and the concept of walking a mile in another man’s shoes? We help create the wars and then close our doors to people when they are trying to escape the horrors we are contributing to.

    And don’t even get me started on detention centres. If we can’t process people fast enough then the government should put on more staff and resources for better systems, etc. Isn’t Australia the only country in the world that keeps children in detention centres?

  2. Hi Sarah, I think you are correct in saying that Australia is the only country to lock children up for the fact that they have entered another country. There are children in detention centers around the world, however they are held for breaking society’s rules. This is for criminal reasons and certainly not for trying to save ones life, as is the case for most of the children and adults in Australian detention centers. Imagine the scenario if, say, Indonesia marched into Australia. Australians could then be the boat people and we would hear different words coming from the mouths of certain influential people then.

    I would like this country to become a humane and strong one, one that can show pity on the child that comes here, not vilify little ones. Or for that matter, the adults either. Australia needs these people to make it strong. When we are small we are told to eat our food to make us strong. Australia needs these people in the same way.

    It is very pleasing to hear that there are other sane and caring people out there. Thank you, Sarah. 🙂 Writing a comment like this helps in the fight for a humane society, as well as equal justice for all. Your comments on the other articles would be most valuable in this fight, which is not only against the detention centers but all matters where they think they can treat us like uninformed idiots. Sanity must prevail.

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