Could this be your family?

A non-elected family of doubtful genealogy are given a life of luxury, housed in palaces and palatial houses.  No rents or mortgage repayments.   They don’t seem to have proper jobs or professions.  Sorry, one of them serves in the higher echelons of the military in England and seems to get promoted on what does not seem like merit.   They are constantly on our TV channels and now we have to endure the whole performance of  another wedding in their family.

I wonder how long this one will last.

Whole theatres are given over for their enjoyment, whole cathedrals even.  They are given status far above film stars, sports people or politicians.  If one of the little darlings should sneeze, we can be sure that we will hear of it quite soon after.

Chauffeur-driven Rolls Royces.  Holidays to the most idyllic places in the world.  Not just body guards, but a whole army of well paid soldiers, carrying arms all over their home town and beyond.  An array of servants to do all their bidding, even servants doing her bidding over 15,000km  from home,  well some of the homes anyway.

Let me know if you can guess what family I am referring to.

People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile - Lee Mildon
Creative Commons License photo credit: flickrohit

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