The homosexual pervert

Imagine an island with five people on it   one is homosexual, two are male and two are female, The two female decide it would be cool or they cant fight their urges and succumb to the adverts that the homosexual is transmitting, so now we have three homosexuals and two normal men.  Now can someone explain where the population is going to come from to make the island a thriving community?


Of course people should be able to practise their own sexuality as long as it is their own and they have not been sold the idea buy a lobby working for the single homosexual on the island, so saying if the majority is becoming infected then it goes beyond what the individual wants, as the greater good must come into play as without population there is no human world left. The five people on the island represent five people in any country of the world, or the world itself.


The powerful homosexual lobby is a disgrace to the human race and should be fought with every weapon available to the decent people the world over. They are allowed to address our children in the schools, invariably these “people” had normal decent upbringing, yet they wish to follow practises of the perverse, then they should be shown to all what they are. The practise is becoming to be seen as normal when obviously it is not normal but a perverse eroticism being practised and taught to gullible people, which there seems to be plenty of. If a country allows itself to become perverse then who can save it? The answer to that is no one can as once you go down a one way street to destruction then that is where it undoubtedly will end. This is happening now and here yet the people are being brainwashed by these “people” They use the argument that they are born that way,  utter nonsense it is simply giving in to urges that occur in the human mind the strong can overcome it but societies weakest will not be able to resist. So stand up for your child and don’t let these abusers affect your little one whether they be three or thirty three years of age. They get into such positions as role models, the weak then imagine if they are like them they will become them. These are not the role models we want for our young people, we want proper sexually motivated people, who uphold true family values, not the perverse alternative

Parents be vigilant. Keep your values strong and do not give these people any power whatsoever. You gave birth to them you have a duty of care to them; protect them from this debasement of humanity. This despicable lobby will fight back by name calling using names like Homophobic, well be proud to stand tall and say yes, I am normal, are you?


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