Hi, nice to see you all again.

Hi, I have been busy with my work and unfortunately, I have been neglecting my writing, well it seems we in Australia have a lame duck prime minister a so called ‘top lawyer’, and a Labour party who are reassembled and should be in government. The Greens as usual can be seen wittering on the sidelines like sheep at a shearing.

More disasters are hitting the Liberals, than hit the Israelites. Yet still they govern.

The detractors of intelligent debate, the Media, Pauline Hanson and her motley crew.

The onward fight of good over evil is being fought in Canberra. As well as halls up and down the country.

So, that is where we are at the moment, we shall see together what the future holds for us.

Is Trump an idiot?

He certainly acts like one, said a friend of mine. Trump a man who has amassed a fortune is not a man who is stupid, it suits him to let people think he is, the opposite approach that Turnbull has taken. They are both doomed to failure as they are attempting to undermine the peoples wishes, The vote is heavily weighted by the Murdoch types, big business and governments, around the world. The huge power they use to hammer the already oppressed people. Who will only take so much hammering, that’s why we are seeing so many layers of protest around the world. What with the idiosyncratic Brexit result in the UK.

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