The ancient order of Clowns, originated in Eastern Persia in 1654, the order has held firmly together in Circuses around the world, they have been persecuted in just about every country at some time or another. In Nazi Germany many Clowns were put to death, because they were so creepy in the streets, they were deemed to be a threat to the Munich residents, so were systematically rounded up , then incarcerated and lots were sent to the prison camps that were in strategic places around Germany. The first known Clown was cocolanus around 1650. There was an attempt to give Clowns a homeland of their own in 1910 in Siam now known as Thailand. 259 Clowns were slaughtered by the local inhabitants. It has not been attempted since, The Clowns did erect a statue there which is still there to this day. Nowadays they are quite content to live quietly in neighborhood streets, just like ours, and every now and then one will act out his inherited right to behave as Clowns do. Clowns do not usually hurt people, they just try and show that they are much creepier than ordinary folk like us. One can always tell a real Clown by his breath, he invariably smells of garlic.