Australia’s Apartheid

On a recent visit to Australia’s Northern Territory, I found myself in a little town called Katherine.  I noticed at the local hotel/pub, that there were mannequins lying on the pavement outside.  I walked over only to find they were human beings.  One was a lady of about 64, she had nose residue running out of her nose and into her mouth.  Lying next to her was a little fella around the age of two (I later found that she was his grandmother).  It made me feel quite angry that people were allowed/forced to live like this.

I thought, this is not Soweto.  It seems like South Africa before the re-alignment with the rest of society.  The whites in Australia are committing the same acts of barbarism as in the era of South Africa’s Apartheid.  Australia has it’s townships and it’s people suffer to pay the white man. The whites demand high rents that few can afford.  Give up, the black fella says and drink more grog.  Blacks are being served out of sight of those soft white faces. Tears are shed but nothing is said.  The churches tell them to be patient.  The government give them empty gestures.  Who can they cry to?  But we see what you do and we don’t like it.  But the rulers do!

Christ would not forgive what they/we do!

The streets are littered with drunken souls.  Where else could they have turned?  The politician is deaf, the barman listens.  How easy for it to happen!  It could happen to you.

We watch and we see, we know this was not meant.

Black babies die for a glass of milk yet we give it to pigs so we can have breakfast and do it again!

The Welsh Aborigine

Creative Commons License photo credit: marnanel

Wales still has the little peoples newspaper the Echo, and a sister web site called icwales, they  are working class people trying to make a mark in life by using these. Unfortunately they have not had an English education, so are not really up to any real sense of understanding the world news and have to rely on just Welsh news and history.  I recently undertook a stint at mingling with these people and was amazed at just how backward they are, some time ago I was undergoing a period of studying the aborigines in Australia’s Northern territory. The Australian Aborigine, is somewhere around equal to the Welsh, in terms of education and the larger world. I am sorry to say I do not think that either of them can survive for very much longer. They do not have the intelligence/education  to see this.

On a recent fact finding tour of Mongolia, the people there although a very stunted people in educational terms, they can see what is happening to them.

The Welsh are slowly becoming aware, of their future demise, they are showing this by their intolerance of other races.  However, by contrast the Aborigine,

does not want to walk alone but wants all peoples to walk together. So using the contrast between the two, one must favour the Aborigine to surpass the Welsh tribes.

The fundamental advantage of the Aborigine natives is that they live among their conquerors, not in a land adjacent to them like the Welsh natives.

The Welsh like the Aborigine has an overwhelming desire for alcohol, dating back to the period where the grogg/drink was used to subdue them. Alas, it still does.

They  both sit, discuss, and sometimes write their thoughts, however it always stays a talking shop and never gets either of them anywhere. Words that spring to mind are pity, smugness, superiority. While showing grace and understanding for those who are less fortunate.

Helping them is useless as they act on their genes, as it seems that they do not have the mental capacity to  see any further, rather like the  Vikings last sail, out into the ocean , without the correct clothing they were told by the Scots they would perish,  that was the end of the Viking. Now we are seeing the end  of the world’s  aborigines, which includes the Welsh, smaller Chinese groupings, the Inuit, Mongolian herdsmen, Gypsies,  such is life, what is no longer required is discarded.

We know of the Native American demise,  We know of the Romans demise, now we are seeing the demise of other races, that have nearly reached the end of their line.