Stop Having Children? Australia

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Creative Commons License photo credit: juhansonin

The church’s key advisory group wants the Gillard Government to scrap public incentives that increase the birth rate and also to cut immigration.  The church people have not as yet realised that they are now unimportant in modern society.  People such as Philip Freier should practice what he preaches.  He has two children and three grandchildren and yet he and this synod have asked the government to stop “any policy that provides an incentive specifically and primarily to increase Australia’s population”.

Terri Kelleher, spokesperson for the Australian Family Association, stated that to do so would be unfair.  Freier’s children are now grown up and they now have children of their own.   Me thinks this is a case of “I’m alright, Jack”!

Yet the Archbishop of Adelaide, Jeffrey Driver, also with two adult children, repudiates this, saying they are not calling for the end of the baby bonus.  Are the church leaders trying to say the right thing to different people, so all will agree with them?

Most people today have seen the nonsense the church leaders get up to.  Yet they expect us to listen to them on important matters that they seem ignorant of.  Driver goes on to say the overall migrant intake should be cut.  He says, “The growing congestion of cities, destined to become worse, means much time lost in commuting, more polluted suburbs, denser housing and the loss for many of suburban gardens in which to relax and still have some communion with nature.”

America has 311,240,000 people.  Great Britain has 62,041,708 people.  Australia 22,593,021 less people than Taiwan.  The answer to congestion in the cities is to expand them.  Pollution is a problem the scientists are investigating – that is not the church’s role (if indeed it has a role).  As for gardens, has he seen the marvelous gardens in America and Great Britain?   Australia is a very large country with ample room to accommodate a lot more people; it would then have the opportunity to become a strong country like America and Great Britain.