Bali teenager

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So this fourteen year old boy from NSW is taken on a trip to Bali with his Mum and Dad. For some reason, only known to themselves, they leave their son to do what he wants on this infamous island (remember Corby, the Bali nine plus all the uncelebrated ones). For some reason he gets the freedom to go to a massage parlour and then saunter along the Bali roads to buy drugs  Where did he get the money from?

The police got a very easy conviction and no one is challenging the boys’ guilt.  (How different to the Corby case!)  And yet this boy gets the help of the Prime Minister, the ex-Prime Minister and his wife, plus other MPs including the Lord Mayor of Port Macquarie.  Even the AFP department showed them an abnormal amount of assistance in escaping the free press. Why?

Goading the waiting media by whistling, sniggering and gesturing is not the behaviour of an innocent teen.  The father has also been carrying on these antics, foolishly taking snaps from their balcony window.  I do not feel that this family deserves respect or a presumption of innocence – their behaviour is certainly detrimental to this aim.

It does seem that the Bali courts have been completely hoodwinked by this family’s testimony relating to the possible sale of their story involving the Bali authorities.  Now, the Father has reportedly had meetings with the media to sell their sordid story.  The flight home from Bali sees the boy together with a television channel representative in discussion.  I somehow doubt it was about the sandwiches served on the flight.

What super powers does this family have above that of the ordinary bloke? It is becoming increasingly clear that connections are being used to achieve someone’s ambition.

It is not beyond the imagination to see that this could have been set up as a scam to sell their story before they left Australia.

There needs to be a lot of digging to find out what has really been going on. This does not seem to be an innocent brush with a foreign country’s legal system.  If the media does not delve into this it is another sorry day for democracy in Australia.

This family has openly stated that their son is a drug addict.  The drug-addicted boy was taken to a country renowned for its tough stance on drugs.  The father left the boy alone free to buy whatever he chose and he chose drugs.  Given access to money, of course an addict will buy drugs with the cash in his pocket.  And his father didn’t know?!  How foolish do they think we are?  Update 07/12/2011The father revealed that Therese Rein, the wife of foreign minister Kevin Rudd, offered personal support to the family during the ordeal.

Deeper and deeper this story goes, however the boys’ father has stated on the record that there will not be a media deal. If this turns out to be the case all at isthissanity will actually respect this gentleman. I hope that this is the case.

The Great Australian Atrocity!

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Australian cattle farmers should hang their heads in shame.

The live animal export trade they deal in leads to the unbelievably cruel slaughter of animals, as shown again on Australian TV (31st May 2011) on ABC’s Four Corners story A Bloody Business.

Animals that the farmers say they love and care for are exported to Indonesia – where they are not just slaughtered but are tortured in the most horrendous way imaginable.  In saying that, I don’t believe many people would have such a sadistic mind as to be able to conjure up such a sick and depraved piece of unnecessary and wanton cruelty beyond which I would have thought possible, even for humans, to carry out. The farmers know of the cruelty, yet for money they let the animals pay the price – not just with their lives but also by torture in the extreme.  A brief description of this torture: the animals are tied one by one to a pole and hosed down with cold water causing them to fall over.  The workers repeatedly bang their heads on the concrete floor and whip and kick them to get them into the correct position to enable one of the men there to, supposedly, cut the throat with one clean cut.  However, in reality it is more like a saw cutting the throat needing numerous attempts before getting it done.

You can view video of the report at the Four Corners website:

The Bloody BusinessHalal law states that the animal is alive at the time of slaughter yet they do not even stun the animal to render it unconscious before this is done to them.  While this is happening to one of the herd, the rest are forced to watch these acts on their mates.  When, after quite some time, the animal eventually dies – often crying out a noise which sounds like ‘why? why? why?’  One by one they are strung up, skinned and disembowelled and then slaughtered – all with the rest of the herd watching, until eventually it gets down to just the one animal left who can be seen just standing there waiting for her own torture and death.  Shaking and quivering, knowing exactly what is about to happen to her.

While Australia allows this to happen to our cattle, how can we in all honesty expect Japan to listen to us on the whaling issue?

Has Australia lost it’s decency and sense of shame?  I believe that sadly it has.  Or at least the cattlemen who benefit directly.  In fact all Australians benefit from the profits of the farmers, so this is being done in all our names.  Especially during the recent periods of drought, people sympathise with farmers when in fact they are making huge profits by this cruel practice.  They even have the audacity to attack Coles supermarkets for taking a few cents of the farmers’ profits and giving it back to the people.  Yes, they provide the nation with food but at what costs are we, as humans, paying them?  We are paying them not only with our money but something a lot more precious – our humanity.

The animals could be slaughtered at Australian abattoirs and the meat transported to Indonesia or to any other country.  This disgraceful business has to stop. We can sign the petition, write letters to our Prime Minister and MPs, protest on the street, boycott Indonesia, lobby the farmers and all who participate in this vile and evil trade. This is the most barbaric thing that I have ever seen.  A lady in the programme said what I had just been thinking, in years to come people will say the same things about this practise as we now say about slavery.

This has to be abolished. Whilst writing this I have found it very difficult to find the words to describe this abhorrence – there are no words strong enough to condemn this practise.

I cannot even begin to convey the suffering that these animals suffer for financial greed.

All are guilty – from the farmer to the politicians who, in our name, condone this barbaric, vile and evil trade. For what? Money and power. To put any living thing through this type of pain should be an abhorrence to every single one of us.  We are collectively guilty of this if we let it continue.

Disgusting behaviour. Each cut of the throat is one of us Australians doing the cutting – nothing absolves any one of us from that.  If animal slaughter has to take place, then it should be as decent as possible and certainly, at least, humane.

More than 36,000 head of cattle were exported out of the Port of Townsville last year alone, with more than 22,000 going to Indonesia.  Cattle being kicked and whipped, their throats slit with blunt knives, their eyes gouged and their tails broken – this should sicken every single individual everywhere.  A shame on you Australia – that which was once a proud country has now stooped to this atrocity.  Shame.

There is not one bit of evidence to show why this practise should continue.  All political parties should be very careful in sorting this crime against humanity out.  It needs to be done quickly or suffer the loss of power.  The Australian people call for an immediate ban on all live exports.  Any readers outside Australia are equally invited to protest against this deplorable torture.

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They ‘say’ they’ve killed Osama Bin Laden

So, American forces are also saying that they have killed Osama bin Laden.  Do they really think this will make any difference to the world.  Terrorism is in the minds of a great many people, not really much to do about one individual.  How many more Osamas has America created?  If it was indeed Osama that planned the 9/11 attacks, do they really think there is not another Osama standing in line to take his place in martyrdom. Of course there is.

American foreign policy has ensured that terrorism will continue to flourish long after the defeat of this one man.  Of course terrorism is an anathema to most of us, however if one country imposes its will against another by force then it is a fact that they will react.  It all becomes a killing game of tit for tat.  Ordinary people do not want all this killing just for power for some and oil.  Countries with oil would be a lot safer if they just gave the oil to the USA.

Do they expect us to believe that there is a noble reason for targeting these small military-weak countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Pakistan, Libya, or Egypt? Their undercover forces bringing about revolutions in these countries, destabilising and causing huge suffering in order to give the USA superior power in these areas.  Draining these countries of their recourse’s.  Leaving them in a tragic and weak state.  Then they can use them for power bases like Guantanamo.  Or even Greenham common in the UK.

We do know what our governments are doing but just a vote does not change anything.  At this very moment western forces are trying to destabilise so many countries including Indonesia and China. What will be the outcome when these countries have been hurt enough and fight back?

Personally, I think it will make 9/11 seem like a walk in the park.

Australia needs to grow

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Australian politicians are constantly moaning about “boat people” arriving uninvited in Australia.  Australia has a population of less than 23 million.  If this country wants to stay a first world country then it needs more people.  Britain has over 62 million people, America over 311 million, China well over a billion, Japan nearly 130 million,  Indonesia 237 million, Russia nearly 143 million, Nauru has 10,000.  South Korea has double Australia’s population.  Australia has less people than Thailand.

Australia cannot even start to compete.  As a country’s population grows so does the infrastructure.  The people who arrive, far from taking jobs as some people say, in the longer term actually provide more employment.  All the services grow in line with an increasing population.  The increased population increases the revenue going to the government, which in turn can then provide better health care, education – overall infrastructure – and the load is shared over more people.  Instead of 23 million people paying into the government coffers you could have say 100 million or 200 million paying into the government collecting bowl making this a vastly wealthier and stronger country.

Locking refugees and the non invited up is cruel and does a huge disservice to Australia.  Australia should be surging forward, not clinging to the past of a select few in this vast but empty land.  The skilled and future moguls are locked up or sent back.  Australia is being given gold and throwing it back.  It is absurd for this to be happening to what could one day be a powerful country instead of just a foil of Britain and America.

Britain and America have the population to provide goods for themselves, unlike Australia having to buy from larger populated countries like China, Thailand and South Korea.