The homosexual pervert

Imagine an island with five people on it   one is homosexual, two are male and two are female, The two female decide it would be cool or they cant fight their urges and succumb to the adverts that the homosexual is transmitting, so now we have three homosexuals and two normal men.  Now can someone explain where the population is going to come from to make the island a thriving community?


Of course people should be able to practise their own sexuality as long as it is their own and they have not been sold the idea buy a lobby working for the single homosexual on the island, so saying if the majority is becoming infected then it goes beyond what the individual wants, as the greater good must come into play as without population there is no human world left. The five people on the island represent five people in any country of the world, or the world itself.


The powerful homosexual lobby is a disgrace to the human race and should be fought with every weapon available to the decent people the world over. They are allowed to address our children in the schools, invariably these “people” had normal decent upbringing, yet they wish to follow practises of the perverse, then they should be shown to all what they are. The practise is becoming to be seen as normal when obviously it is not normal but a perverse eroticism being practised and taught to gullible people, which there seems to be plenty of. If a country allows itself to become perverse then who can save it? The answer to that is no one can as once you go down a one way street to destruction then that is where it undoubtedly will end. This is happening now and here yet the people are being brainwashed by these “people” They use the argument that they are born that way,  utter nonsense it is simply giving in to urges that occur in the human mind the strong can overcome it but societies weakest will not be able to resist. So stand up for your child and don’t let these abusers affect your little one whether they be three or thirty three years of age. They get into such positions as role models, the weak then imagine if they are like them they will become them. These are not the role models we want for our young people, we want proper sexually motivated people, who uphold true family values, not the perverse alternative

Parents be vigilant. Keep your values strong and do not give these people any power whatsoever. You gave birth to them you have a duty of care to them; protect them from this debasement of humanity. This despicable lobby will fight back by name calling using names like Homophobic, well be proud to stand tall and say yes, I am normal, are you?


Stop Having Children? Australia

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The church’s key advisory group wants the Gillard Government to scrap public incentives that increase the birth rate and also to cut immigration.  The church people have not as yet realised that they are now unimportant in modern society.  People such as Philip Freier should practice what he preaches.  He has two children and three grandchildren and yet he and this synod have asked the government to stop “any policy that provides an incentive specifically and primarily to increase Australia’s population”.

Terri Kelleher, spokesperson for the Australian Family Association, stated that to do so would be unfair.  Freier’s children are now grown up and they now have children of their own.   Me thinks this is a case of “I’m alright, Jack”!

Yet the Archbishop of Adelaide, Jeffrey Driver, also with two adult children, repudiates this, saying they are not calling for the end of the baby bonus.  Are the church leaders trying to say the right thing to different people, so all will agree with them?

Most people today have seen the nonsense the church leaders get up to.  Yet they expect us to listen to them on important matters that they seem ignorant of.  Driver goes on to say the overall migrant intake should be cut.  He says, “The growing congestion of cities, destined to become worse, means much time lost in commuting, more polluted suburbs, denser housing and the loss for many of suburban gardens in which to relax and still have some communion with nature.”

America has 311,240,000 people.  Great Britain has 62,041,708 people.  Australia 22,593,021 less people than Taiwan.  The answer to congestion in the cities is to expand them.  Pollution is a problem the scientists are investigating – that is not the church’s role (if indeed it has a role).  As for gardens, has he seen the marvelous gardens in America and Great Britain?   Australia is a very large country with ample room to accommodate a lot more people; it would then have the opportunity to become a strong country like America and Great Britain.

Australia needs to grow

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Australian politicians are constantly moaning about “boat people” arriving uninvited in Australia.  Australia has a population of less than 23 million.  If this country wants to stay a first world country then it needs more people.  Britain has over 62 million people, America over 311 million, China well over a billion, Japan nearly 130 million,  Indonesia 237 million, Russia nearly 143 million, Nauru has 10,000.  South Korea has double Australia’s population.  Australia has less people than Thailand.

Australia cannot even start to compete.  As a country’s population grows so does the infrastructure.  The people who arrive, far from taking jobs as some people say, in the longer term actually provide more employment.  All the services grow in line with an increasing population.  The increased population increases the revenue going to the government, which in turn can then provide better health care, education – overall infrastructure – and the load is shared over more people.  Instead of 23 million people paying into the government coffers you could have say 100 million or 200 million paying into the government collecting bowl making this a vastly wealthier and stronger country.

Locking refugees and the non invited up is cruel and does a huge disservice to Australia.  Australia should be surging forward, not clinging to the past of a select few in this vast but empty land.  The skilled and future moguls are locked up or sent back.  Australia is being given gold and throwing it back.  It is absurd for this to be happening to what could one day be a powerful country instead of just a foil of Britain and America.

Britain and America have the population to provide goods for themselves, unlike Australia having to buy from larger populated countries like China, Thailand and South Korea.